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VISA to Malta

Q.1 Should I make an appointment to submit documents at Visa Centre?
Ans Yes. You can schedule an appointment here.
Q.2 What is the best time to come? When are there fewer people and fewer queues?
Ans It depends on the day.
Q.3 Can you tell me whether my Visa application was successful?
Ans We don’t know whether you have been granted a visa or not. Passports are returned to the Visa Centre in sealed envelopes and we are not allowed to open them.
Q.4 What is the size of the photo and the background? Should I stick the photograph to the application form?
Ans The photo should be 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm in size, taken against a white or light background. Please stick one photo to the application form and fix another one with a clip.
Q.5 Which type of visa is the easiest to get?
Ans You should apply for the category of visa that suits the purpose of your travel. There are no categories that are easier to obtain than others.
Q.6 What is the meaning of the following message: “Your application has been received at the Visa Centre”?
Ans It means “Your passport is at the Visa Centre. It is ready for collection”.
Q.7 Can I submit documents on behalf of another person?
Ans Yes, provided that you have power of attorney from the relevant person written in a free form.
Q.8 I am going to submit documents for my mother (father/daughter/son/wife/husband). Can I do it?
Ans Yes, you can. You should have a power of attorney from the relevant person written in a free form.
Q.9 Is job reference indicating salary (or Personal Income Tax reference – 2 NDFL) sufficient as a financial guarantee?
Ans No. As a financial guarantee the following documents are sufficient: 1) Bank account statement; 2) Currency exchange reference; 3) Traveller cheques; 4) Copy of a bank (credit) card with ATM reference.
Q.10 Which documents are required for a multiple entry visa? Is the visa fee higher for multiple entry visas?
Ans For multiple entry visas the same documents as for single entry visas are required. Please also submit a justification of multiple entries: invitation, air tickets confirmation for the following visits, copies of the previous Schengen visas, etc. The visa fee is the same as for a single entry visa.
Q.11 Can I send documents to Visa Centre by DHL or any other courier service?
Ans No, you can’t do that. You or your representative (with power of attorney) should come to the Visa Centre in person to submit documents for visa,
Q.12 If I am going to travel with my children. Are they required to be present at Visa Centre when I submit documents?
Ans No. Only adults have to be present when submitting documents.
Q.13 Where can I buy an insurance policy? Can I do it at your centre?
Ans You can buy an insurance policy in advance at any insurance company. You can also buy it at Visa Centre before submitting documents as we have a representative of an insurance company at the Visa Centre.
Q.14 Is the online booking of a hotel sufficient as a confirmation of stay for submitting documents?
Ans Yes, it is enough.
Q.15 Can I get an urgent visa?
Ans No. Processing time 15 days excluding the time of delivery of passport s from regional visa cetnres to Consulate in Moscow. In case an application needs to be referred to The Maltese Immigration Service, processing time will be a minimum of six weeks. Processing time for applications accepted at regional visa centres increases for the time required for delivery of passports to Moscow and back from Moscow to the regional visa centre.
Q.16 When should I pay all my fees? Is it necessary to pay visa and service fees in advance?
Ans Visa and service fees are to be paid right after submission of your documents at Visa Centre. There is no need to pay the fees in advance. We do not accept bank cards.
Q.17 Is it required to present the original invitation upon submission of my documentation?
Ans No, the copy of invitation (fax or scan sent by email) is enough to submit. The following documents should be presented in original ONLY: application form, work/study reference, document showing financial means (bank account reference, currency exchange note, travel checks), travel insurance (it is required to bring both an original and a copy of it).
Q.18 Who should sign the application form for a minor?
Ans A parent should sign the application form for his/her child. An applicant under the age of 18 years cannot sign the application form.
Q.19 Should an authorization of a parent be notarised? Is a copy of the authorization sufficient or should the original also be submitted? Should the parent’s authorization be presented if both parents are travelling with a child?
Ans An authorization from parent(s) is not compulsory. It is only required for matching the signatures on the first page of a parent’s passport with the application form and authorization form. The parent’s authorization have be notarised. If both parents are travelling with a child the authorisation is not required.
Q.20 What information is required with the invitation?
Ans An invitation letter should include the following information:
Information about the inviting party;
Information about the person being invited (full name, passport number);
Purpose of travel;
Information about relations between the inviting party and the invited person;
Dates of visit (period, number of days);
Information about financial resources to pay for the trip;
Q.21 Is the bank account statement required if the inviting party takes all the financial responsibilities for an applicant?
Ans If the inviting party is a Maltese national, it is not required. In the inviting party is not Maltese national, either the bank account statement or any other financial guarantee of the inviting person is required.
Q.22 What is the maxim period for which a visa can be granted for case of a personal invitation/private visit?
Ans Depending on the invitation details, visa can be granted for up to a maximum of 90 days in 6 months (Schengen visa) or a maximum of 180 consecutive days (national Maltese visa).

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